An Electric Cacao Ceremony

An Electric Cacao Ceremony

Last night's cacao ceremony manifested itself through the word powerful.

I've been holding cacao ceremonies for 8 months now and sitting them for over 3 years. A cacao ceremony is where you sit in meditation with ceremonial grade cacao, a heart opening medicine from the praruvian jungle. You place your intention into your cup, asking for anything you need. From there your heart opens to receive it in the way you need it most. It's a powerful medicine and one that has completely changed my life.

Last night's ceremony was different. Each ceremony holds its own unique energy and way of deliverance and people. This one had the earth's call shake through us in a way that I am still feeling the electricity wired in my body the next morning as I write this. I feel shaken. I feel electrified. I feel a shift happening. And I feel choice in that. Last night in the middle of ceremony a bolt of lightning hit the shelter we were sitting beneath. The explosion and impact was ear splitting and the shock of the bolt with all of its energy coarsed straight through each individual. Not that we were electrocuted in any way but that we felt the power in full force through all of our cells and own electric nervous system. 

Not has anything brought me into my body so quickly or felt the weight of nature's voice split fear into me in an instant. And that's what I truly felt, the weight of nature's voice in fear, as well as immediate nurturing of those around me in protection from her impact. Mother Earth is powerful and on her decision our life is so small. Yet at the same time our life is so large that we can speak for her, to her or through her. Protect her, advocate for her or destroy her. Stand by her or look away from her. We impact her in each moment as she impacts us in the same space of time. 

I believe in the moment that mother earth struck her bolt of lightning above us she called every one of us into something new. What that something new is I don't know yet but I know it's going to reveal itself in huge ways over the last week's of this year and into the new weeks of the new year. We are all advocacies for her whether we are struck by her or not. And it's time we start to realise that every one of our actions effects her responses. These are the messages I received in last night's ceremony.


18 Nov 2019 7:44 AMHannah Mitchell