Life Drawing as The Artist

Last night I attended a life drawing class for the first time as the artist. It was beautiful. A couple of years ago I became the model for life drawing classes. An experience I am so incredibly proud of and have on display in my living room via a masterpiece created by an artist named Melissa Bates whom was one of the artists when I modelled.

Making Love After Sexual Trauma

Making love again after facing the depths of sexual trauma is one of the hardest and most beautiful steps I am taking. I'm trusting my intuition to guide me through and into healing.

An Electric Cacao Ceremony

Last night's cacao ceremony manifested itself through the word powerful.

Illness Can Be Healing

This morning has felt different. The moment I woke I wanted to go for a walk. But a routine I have glued myself to held me back. The routine and the belief that I can only poop if I sit straight from rising and wait for my bowels to move. The routine and / or habit prevents spontaneity and stops trust flowing with my body.

My Body's Weight

My body always chooses the weight she wants to be at. Why do I say that? Because she holds all the keys. The key to her cycle, the key to her hormones, the key to emotional regulation and expression, the key to stress regulation, the key to the external seasons, and the key to mama earth herself and how she moves with her. My body holds all of this within herself. As does yours and every body else's. Which is why I say she chooses the weight she wants to be at.

You Are The Moon

The waves roll over you, crushing you with every churn. You can't stop them. You don't know how. A habit that has not yet been created.

Hidden Black Magic

Invisible to the eye. Powerful to the mind. Infecting our energy instantly. Black magic that’s used daily and without a second thought. Almost as if on auto pilot and created like that by society. What is this hidden black magic? Spoken words. For words are just words until we use them.

She Kept Fighting

I close my eyes on this chapter and the next. These are the words of the girl cinched in pain, ready to give it away. Saying goodbye for now and always. Her heart beats by a thread. Her breath short and given up.

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