Soft Reclaiming

A woman's journey with herself - every woman removes their clothes at their own pace; Alana was gentle with herself, she built her confidence minute by minute. A woman who knows self love stronger than I dare say any other field, knew to trust her heart, her body and her timing. Alana's photoshoot in the creek of Currumbin Valley Falls on the Gold Coast was one of a soft reclaiming.


Alana ~

"This experience with Hannah was one of the most enriching and deeply feminine experiences I have ever had. I had never felt so connected to my body, my soft and lush feminine essence, and to Mother Nature. It was as if I was not naked at all, that is how connected I felt to my entire surroundings, and to myself. Hannah was such a treat to work with. She has a way with her own soft feminine nature which creates such a sacred and safe container which allowed me to drop into my body and this experience fully. After the photoshoot I felt completely liberated and full of confidence! I found a new sense of self and literally unlayered parts of me which I no longer wanted to carry. It was as if taking each piece of clothing off invited me to release the things which were heavy and stuck in my life, particularly around my body and worth as a woman. Besides gaining such stunning imagery, the embodiment journey was by far some of the best soul therapy I have ever had. It was simply a pleasure."

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