Dune Rose

A woman's journey with herself - Now this gorgeous creature was definitely one of my funnest photoshoots. Vader yelled out I hate you towards me as she broke down all of the barriers within herself to meet who she was without layers. The moment of liberation that exploded out her body was worth every word in the beginning. I photographed Vader on sand at the Currumundi Estuary opening at sunset on the Sunshine Coast.


Vader ~

"A few words around the journey of my experience.
A journey i was unsure of diving into, but my soul was pushing me to jump into. to step out. to explore the uncomfortable.
I remember experiencing so much resistance from the unknown of this experience.
But the way hannah guided me & dropped me into my body to connect - was potent.
The journey was powerful- feeling myself wave through all the emotions- joy, playfulness, anger- as i connected and felt so deeply held by the earth around me.
The journey was a super internal experience for me- as hannah captured these powerful moments- not even knowing she was really there as i danced my way through the sand & emotions that rose. being guided back into my body by Han if needed ~
A journey that allowed me to embody and explore myself. to feel connected & grounded. a journey that was so potent & i am so grateful for."

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