You Are The Moon

The waves roll over you,

crushing you with every churn.

You can't stop them.

You don't know how.

A habit that has not yet been created.

Pain sears through your heart with each hit.

Rage takes over your mind the way the salty water runs over the sand.

You scream as loud as the crushing ocean and breathe only in the shallow depths.

Your words scatter like the shells across the sand from one assumption to the next.

Your thoughts dance like the particles being rolled around the waters edge,

about the unfairness of it all,

about what you do next.

You calm,

just for a second,

in the break of each wave.

You breathe,

and then it starts over again.


Oh darling,

you will be ok.

It is the moon who makes the waves,

and you are the moon.

You glow in the night sky,

shining your light in the dark.

This is only a new stage and you will be full again.

14 Nov 2016 3:32 PMHannah Mitchell