You are NOT a Pleaser

You are NOT a Pleaser

Sexually as women we are taught to please our intimate relation even if that means going against ourself.

In the moments we go against ourselves to please, a part of us disassociates from our body and our heart. We have not believed ourself to have been worthy of our own needs in that moment. We have not believed ourselves to have been worthy of trusting our own intuitive feelings within. We felt ourselves needing to fulfill what we had been taught and the logic that the planet follows, even when our body, spirit and heart is wanting something else.

And I mean... it made sense, the logic, to us, because that was all we knew, until we felt the pain inside us by following it through. 

And I'm not hear to say that pleasing can't be a pleasurable fantasy if that is what your into and what your body sparks in. But I know in myself that the pleasure starts in me. If I feel pleasure touching you then I'm going to keep exploring that. If I feel pleasure igniting in my body then I'm going to ride that. But if I feel icky, my centre is switched off and I know this is not what I need right now, then I would be dishonoring myself in following through, the brought up belief that I must please you. 

Even in pleasing myself based on the belief that it must be quick and quick is best because we don't want to waste time and it's all about that end explosion anyway, I am betraying my body if it is not ready or willing to open. 

See, our yoni's are story tellers, the gate keepers, the decoders, the essence holders and the creators and sharers of our unique expression, love and beauty. They open and they close depending on how we are feeling. I guarantee that if you have ever had an icky feeling in your body during pleasuring someone else or having sex your yoni would have been tightly closed and tensed. But if every part of you is in the abyss of relaxation and OH yes, Yes, YES your opening and receiving of the cervix was certainly there and inviting. 

Our yoni's are our truth, they are telling you your truth in every moment, even in reading this. Tune in, listen, and honour yourself. You are not a pleaser. Let go of that behaviour. Let go of that belief. Let go of that emotional turmoil addiction. Be who you are and ignite your power within, by truly listening and making choices based on those truths within. 

18 Feb 2020 9:29 PMHannah Mitchell