She Kept Fighting

I close my eyes on this chapter and the next.

These are the words of the girl cinched in pain,

ready to give it away.

Saying goodbye for now and always.

Her heart beats by a thread.

Her breath short and given up.

No longer fighting for air.
No longer fighting for her.
It’s only time now,
only time that she waits for.
No more future.
No more hope.
Yet something still stirs inside her.
Yet somethings still there.
Something invisible,
pulling on a string of hair.
Her fingers start typing.

This isn’t me.
I want to die.
Let me be.

A ringing in her ears.

I won’t survive this.
You will see.

The words leave her mouth.
Help me.

I swear that wasn’t me.
I want this.

Her legs start moving.

What is happening?
My body is fighting me.

They grab her.
They take her away.
But her eyes are closing.
Her heart beats by a string.

I told you.
It’s too late.
Now you see.


Her eyes open.

21 Oct 2016 9:49 PMHannah Mitchell