Life Drawing as The Artist

Life Drawing as The Artist

Last night I attended a life drawing class for the first time as the artist. It was beautiful. A couple of years ago I became the model for life drawing classes. An experience I am so incredibly proud of and have on display in my living room via a masterpiece created by an artist named Melissa Bates whom was one of the artists when I modelled.

Becoming a model was one of the best decisions I've made in my life, because it healed a huge component of body image and confidence in my own skin. Never under estimate the power of art, and never under estimate the power of seeing yourself through art. It's profoundly invigorating, intriguing, and heart centring as a soul. Seeing myself through the eyes of artists on their pages in their own imagination was what allowed me to fall in love with myself in my own beautiful skin. I could see my essence through the pens, pencils, paint brushes and chalks that captured unique aspects of my dance. And that's what it was to me, a dance. A dance that I did on a stage surrounded by art with classical music transporting and transcending me into source.


To be on the other side gave me those same feelings. To be lost in my art of a woman so beautiful that stood and lay in front of me. To be listening to the most gorgeous lyrics and rhythm played by another beautiful woman sitting to the side of me. I felt the feminine power in that room. I felt the electricity of creation whirl around me. I felt the homing of my soul and the joy of my spirit as I couldn't help but to smile in so many moments as I witnessed just pure beauty in motion through stillness. I marvelled in the essence of each artist who sat beside me and across from me and I loved that I was one of them in the dream of drawing what my heart witnessed in my own unique form, as they were.


What a powerful evening. What a heart filling night. What a fire it has created in my belly. A dance that never ended and a dance that has embedded it's wishes to continue and grow into more. Into self. Into confidence. Into passion.



22 Nov 2019 5:39 PMHannah Mitchell